I’m Eric W Brown. This is my online gallery. I am an entrepreneur, computational linguist, artist, writer, snowboarder – pretty much anything that’ll kill time til the zombie apocalypse warlord gig kicks in. I have 18 years of experience in software design and development with a focus in natural language processing, machine learning, and algorithm optimization.

Currently, I am a founder and Chief Technology Officer of Mozzo Analytics, Inc., a start-up company focused on providing unprecedented views of social interactions (Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) by combining state-of-the-art social network analysis and computational linguistics with novel visualization techniques.

As a founding member of multiple start-ups and a key member on numerous contracts with the U.S. Intelligence Community, I have conceived, developed, and delivered large data management and visualization systems for the Legal, Banking and Intelligence industries. Most recently, I directed the Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA) business area at Syracuse Research Corporation, delivering production ready systems for analyzing user behavior and communication for the Department of Defense and U.S. Intelligence Community.

I have a habit of only sleeping a few hours a night. This site contains much of what I do with the rest of that time…

Why Mirovia? Mirovia is the ever ocean, the great sea which covered the Earth some 750 million years ago. For me it represents the furthest conceivable border of our world’s history, a time before gods and beasts played across the land, when life had garnered only the most microscopic of footholds.

The idea of Mirovia offers a kinship with our earliest ancestors. 750 million years is, after all, unimaginable. But if we can recast this impossible timeframe so that we might imagine only ten years had past since the waves of Mirovia broke upon the rocky shores of Rodinia, then it was only yesterday that man crept from his cave, looked upon the heavens, and called to his gods.