Mozzo Analytics

The first email was sent in 1971. And it was revolutionary. The computer that delivered this groundbreaking message was a massive machine that would scarcely fit in your living room. Yet its processing power would pale in comparison to the phone in your pocket. Email came into its own on monochromatic command line terminals and has survived the birth of the web, social networks, and multi-touch, high-def screens. So why are our interactions with email still defined by its humble, command line origins? The Internet matured. Why haven’t our email clients?

Mozzo Analytics is a start-up company working on tackling big social data analytics problems. Our first target is email. We developed the Relevance Communication Analysis Platform to bring our full knowledge of social network analysis and natural language processing to bear against this humble yet ubiquitous communication platform and usher in a new breed of email applications.

Relevance reads all of your existing and incoming email, applying deep content, social, and temporal analysis of the cliques and topics within. Relevance learns what is most important to you directly from your email, indexing and organizing all of your relevant conversations and artifacts. Relevance enables unprecedented views of the email landscape while ensuring at-a-glance understanding of specific interactions and one-click access to all your varied cliques or favored topics of discussion.

Our first application built on the Relevance platform is Mozzomail. Mozzomail scans your email for relevant links, documents, and media files, organizing them for easy retrieval by visual summary, topic, or clique. Mozzomail is currently deployed in private beta and is actively serving hundreds of users. Mozzo Mail

‘Your Week in Email’ is our upcoming personal email analytics service. ‘Your Week in Email’ turns your inbox into an infographic, providing you with an easy to digest view of weekly email trends and highlights. See more here: Your Week in Email

We are currently scoping out MozzoArc, our first enterprise application for the Relevance platform. MozzoArc is email re-imagined, delivering an organization wide view of the email landscape through an
interactive social timeline – the story arc of all your customer relationships.

MozzoArc will ease the burden on opportunity managers by automatically organizing and summarizing communications between your organization and customers. In addition, MozzoArc will allow high level managers to know exactly who has been in contact with a given customer and will automate the consolidation of this information into a comprehensive report of customer interaction. Management will be better informed, customers and opportunities will be better managed, and opportunities will flow more freely through the sales funnel. MozzoArc will support active browsing of story arcs by customer or topic and passive monitoring of customer communication for critical hotspots and trends (alerts).

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