Mozzo Chronos

The first email was sent in 1971. And it was revolutionary. The computer that delivered this groundbreaking message was a massive machine that would scarcely fit in your living room. Yet its processing power would pale in comparison to the phone in your pocket.

Email came into its own on monochromatic command line terminals and has survived the birth of the web, social networks, and multi-touch, high-def screens. So why are our interactions with email still defined by its humble, command line origins? The Internet matured. Why didn’t your email client? It’s time for a new revolution.

Enter Chronos – email re-imagined. Chronos delivers your email within an interactive social timeline, allowing you an unprecedented view of your entire email landscape while ensuring at-a-glance understanding of specific interactions. Chronos learns what is most important to you directly from your email, providing one-click access to all your varied cliques or favored topics of discussion.

Chronos is a conceptual design for a social timeline based email client.

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