The Fall

Mixed – Digital / Goauche on canvas, 12” x 26”

We were little more than beasts in the beginning, each fighting for our own corner of something in the nothing. We could not destroy, only wound, but our venom flowed like rain. Eventually we made peace.

Still, all our venom, all our malice had poured down, scorching the earth, to pool beneath, throwing off retching fumes til Azrael thought to set it alight. And Bael thought to call the worms. We hoped they might grow bloated and fat feasting on our poison til we could fetch them one by one from the lake to kill for sport. Little did we know that from the greatest acts of darkness can come burning light. They say the keys to heaven work as well to the gates of hell. This could not be more true. He swam there, with the host of worms. His only claim to divinity being that he was the first of his kind to crawl forth.

What a curiosity he was, this worm with a wish for legs; with the belief that he was something more. It quickly became apparent that this creature, anointed in our venom, had a curious gift. What it could be made to believe would manifest before us. We welcomed him. We played his little game. We took turns, each of us whispering the most absurd things to this creature. Some of us it would believe. Others it would not, though it always listened to me. Camael whispered of lush green forests to cover barren and scarred earth. Gabrael whispered of oceans, vast and pure to divide the land. Uraem whispered of blinding light. We hated Uraem for this even as we marveled at light’s beauty. Nathanael whispered of stone and earth come to life to graze upon the forest, swim the crystal seas, or soar high above it all. We looked upon this new creation and marveled, for it was good. It was I who first tried the unthinkable, to make the worm believe something about us. Until then, we had no form, only will. So, I whispered to it, “Dear betta, little one, turn round and face us. Do not be blind to our magnificence, for we are mighty as the eagle, and cold as starlight, and beautiful as the rising sun. And so the worm turned to face us. And out of its belief it crafted for us the finest of vestments, woven of feather and starlight and beauty.

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