Zengo Technologies

About Zengo: Headquartered in Sherrill, NY, Zengo Technologies, LLC is focused on developing cutting edge content analysis solutions. Zengo has created the WordJuicer content analysis system, which combines deep linguistic processing with machine learning techniques to turn unstructured text into intelligent and actionable information. In addition, Zengo is pursuing a number of large data taming efforts involving computational linguistics, case-based reasoning and social / behavioral analysis.

Visit Zengo Tech at http://zengotech.com

About WordJuicer: WordJuicer reads text just as a human would, recognizing key phrases, people, companies, products, events, and relationships. Then it organizes this information as metadata that you can easily incorporate in your site or application. WordJuicer makes your data smarter.

With WordJuicer Online you can easily add rich content analysis to your content or application. No need to install, compile, or configure a complicated software package, just sign up for a free access code and then send the target text or website to the following URL:

http://wordjuicer.zengotech.com/cgi-bin/juice-it.pl?accesskeyid=[accesscode]&url= [url]&format=xml

Available return formats are xml, tagcloud, table, summary, and html. Examples of each of these formats can be viewed on the demo page.

Zengo Technologies, LLC

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